Our Business Units

Our business units and the corresponding business fields are organized customer-specific to meet the demands of the different industries.

The business units

• printing
• consulting

do cover a number of business fields which are subdivided as follows:

Printing, production of self-adhesive labels for the following areas:

1. pharmaceutics
2. cosmetics
3. industry (other productions and distributions)
4. commercial (e.g. advertisement and retail industry)

Consultation and service for the following areas:

1. print design and pre-production
2. industry requirements
3. label materials
4. new technologies

Beside quality and service we offer a fast delivery (in case of existing tools within a few days) and low-cost quotation also for small print runs. Thanks to our flexibility we can refer to long-term co-operations up to 50 years.


In order to expand our business units we are steadily looking for new business partners, in addition to our existing co-operations in printing, design and label technology. A strategic alliance between several enterprises generates synergies, which implies price and/or product advantages for their and our customers.