Fundamental colours are pure colours that cannot be tempered from other colours. There is a difference between:

• additive fundamental colours: blue, green, red
• subtractive fundamental colours: cyan, magenta, yellow

Printeries work with four fundamental colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black = CMYK), accordingly layouts that are supplied to the printeries have to be designed in the CMYK colour space.

Screens on the other hand work with the fundamental colours red, green and blue (RGB), therefore, internet and office programs work in the RGB colour space.

Graphic and image processing programs are principally able to convert colours from one colour space to the other. But while converting, unwanted colour changes may occur. On the screen, bright colours can be displayed that do not exist in the CMYK colour space. That is why screenshots of internet pages sometimes appear pale.

Print Technologies

Our labels are produced with the following print technologies:

• letterpress printing
The letterpress printing offers first class colour quality for all desired runs. You can choose between various colour printing devices and additional finishing stations. This printing method allows face and reverse printing.

• flexo printing
The flexo printing offers a low-priced alternative for mass runs.

• digital printing

More information about digital printing in this booklet:
Booklet Digital Printing (PDF)

• screen printing
Labels that are printed with the screen printing method are especially resistant against environmental influences and allow a relief print like it is necessary for the Braille.