Lacquering and Lamination
A lacquering of your labels protects them against outer influences, e.g. scratch or UV resistance, and adds an exceptional visual characteristic. The lacquering can be applied on the entire surface or partial and your product appears matt or high gloss finished. Also structure lacquering or shimmer effects are often used.

A lamination of your label protects it against outer influences while providing an extreme transparent look. A lamination is high gloss or matt and - like a lacquering - gives a special look and value to your product – another purchase advantage for your product.

Imprinting and Holograms
The visual appearance is an important purchase advantage for the end customer. By means of hot embossing you give an extraordinary appearance to your label which is contemporary in vogue. The combination of high gloss and metallic look emphasise the specific characteristic of your product.

Silver, gold but also other colours of the hot embossing foils provide an up valuation of your product. This may be combined with various colour shimmer effects or hologram look.

Especially with high quality end products an extravagant and appealing package is vital. Imprinted or embossed, your label gets a special value with a hologram and it visually underlines the uniqueness of your product.

At the same time, a hologram offers the possibility to make your product forgery-safe. Holograms cannot be copied easily and low-priced; they give an individual note to your product which offers the end customer an appealing design, safety and therewith purchase advantages.

Booklet Imprinting and Holograms (PDF)