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Due to the 12th AMG-modification the Braille requirement for pharmaceutical packages has to be met since September 1, 2006. That prompted us to develop a transparent label with Braille for our pharmacy customers. By this means they are able to meet the latest identification directive for the pharmacy.

By the use of a specially adapted screen printing technique the Braille appears embossed and is clearly palpable. The outline and dimension of the characters meet the legal demands. The Braille label can be designed in compliance to your wishes. It can be both printed as a separated label and integrated into an existing label.

Booklet Braille or Relief Printing (PDF)

Safety Labels
In the pharmacy as well as in other areas, safety labels are used to prevent falsification and thievery. We developed individual solutions to create secure products for you. Among this you find perforation, safety press cut, but also holograms, fluorescent colouring and security codes. Special materials prevent a residue free peel off from the product. In addition, the labels could be numbered serially to make traceability in case of falsification easier.

We would be pleased to integrate more standards into your products to help to reduce falsification.

Booklet Luminescence - Pharmacode and Safety Labels (PDF)

Blister packages
In the pharmaceutical industry, blister packages (e.g. for tablets) are a widespread possibility to distribute products both appealingly, practically and according to the pharmaceutical demands. Our blister solution meets all customer demands and is an inexpensive alternative to all other industry solutions. Cover materials and design are developed together with our customers. Afterwards, the blister packages can be imprinted multi-coloured.

The blister packages can be based on standard materials but also on special materials like safety foil. They can be supplied both on web and on sheet. Our solutions provide a mechanical processing without additional hot-melt adhesive equipment.

Booklet Blister (PDF)

Luminescence Labels or Pharmacy Code
In the pharmacy, a continuous monitoring of the labeling process is necessary. For this purpose we produce labels with integrated luminescence bars or areas to guarantee a clear identification of the labels. The intensity of the luminescence effect is depending on the saturation, that is the colour application. For this, different application cylinders are available. The applied luminescence imprints are checked on the basis of saturation in our quality control. Thereby we guarantee the correct marking of your product.

Another widespread checking method of labels in the pharmaceutical production is the use of a so called pharmacy code that is structured similar to an EAN code. These codes are composed according to the customer’s specifications. After printing, the labels are checked one-by-one with a code checking device in our quality control. Finally they will be approved.

Booklet Luminescence - Pharmacode and Safety Labels (PDF)

SiegeletikettenSealing Labels and Resealable Labels
Sealing labels provide proof to the consumer that the product has remained closed along the logistic chain and that it can be purchased without hesitation. In addition, you can protect your product against plagiarism. Other than reseal able labels, sealing labels cannot be resealed undamaged.

Resealable labels help to store your product safely after opening the package.

Booklet Sealing and Resealable Labels (PDF)