EtikettenrolleThe materials we use are diverse and are selected according to your special applications. The assortment of papers covers the following choices:

• white or coloured
• shiny or high glossy
• matt or glossy
• laminated gold or silver foils

Concerning the plastics, we use acetate, PET, PVC- PE and vinyl foils. Here, you can also choose between:

• white glossy
• white matt
• transparent
• silver

There are no limits concerning your request for special materials.

• 3-layer material (Sandwich)
• with adhesive-free strip
• with rear cover slots
• safety material

...only to mention a few examples.

The adhesives are chosen according to the demand of the customer. Examples are:

• from easy to hardly to not removable
• heat resisting or freezer appropriate
• water soluble or saltwater-proof

But we also use adhesives that sticks on rubber tires or jute bags.

Special requirements
Together with our suppliers we developed materials and labels that resist even extreme environmental conditions like extreme low and high temperatures. Special adhesives and basic materials enable extensive applications in all industrial areas.