The visually perfect label is a label that cannot be recognized as a label. For this purpose we developed a method to produce transparent labels that show only your trademark, the product name or other requested information.

The consistence of the adhesive makes the no-label-look so extraordinary. After sticking on a glass container or another transparent object this adhesive shows no bubbles or typical “milky discolouration” of the adhesive surface. Your product is in the visual focus and is highlighted restrainedly but appealingly with the help of our label.

Sealing Labels and Resealable Labels
Sealing labels provide proof to the consumer that the product has remained closed along the logistic chain and that it can be purchased without hesitation. In addition, you can protect your product against plagiarism. Other than resealable labels, sealing labels cannot be resealed undamaged.
Resealable labels help to store your product safely after opening the package.

Booklet Sealing and Resealable Labels (PDF)